March 4, 2014


I just realized I mentioned Generation 1 and 2, in my other post. And People probably gonna be like, Yeah and that is?
So I thought, I could explain it for those who does'nt know :)
Basically Generation 1 is the first pony sort that came out, and with sort I mean how they look and so on.

And yeah that's it :D There is a Generation1, Generation2, Generation3, Generation3.5 and a Generation4!
And here are pictures of them in order ofc!

                                          My G1 Lemondrop
                                          My G2 Ivy
                                          My G3 Frilly Frocks
                                          My G3.5 Sweetie Belle
And My G4's FlutterShy, Pinkie Pie, AppleJack, Rarity and her little sister Sweetie Belle.


Just because I wanted to get a label for My Collection, Im gonna post another picture of one of my first trade ponys.
I traded a G2 (Generation 2) pony for this G1 (Generation 1) pony.

Her name is Lemondrop, I like her especially for my favourite color as little was yellow, and now its purple. So she is kind off perfect, dont you think? :D

First Test Post! :)

So this is my first post on this blog!
I had another blog about my collection of My Little Ponys, but that one was in swedish and I really felt for doing an english one, because I know alot of english speaking people also likes this hobbie, so I thought! why not!

So for a starter I'm gonna show you a picture of one of my favourites in my collection. Her name is Pony Pal baby Woolly. I really like sheeps and lambs so this one was a must for me!

So here she is, Isn't she adorable? :D